Setting Up Templates

January 16, 2024

Templates are at the heart of Boarded and the drivers of the automation which makes Boarded so easy to use. There are two ways to create a template in Boarded - the easy way and the automated way!

What are templates?

In Boarded every client has a board which serves as the centralised hub for the onboarding process. Each client has unique characteristics and it is these characteristics which underpin templates. Characteristics can be anything from client size, pricing plan, third party data sources and all of the above will determine the tasks to be done and the information to be procured in order to achieve a successful onboarding. Labelling your templates and your clients will ensure all of these boards are fully populated with everything that is relevant to each of your clients.

Add Task - The Automated (and Recommended) Way

The most natural way of setting up templates is to simply dive in and start adding clients and populating tasks. Rather than get bogged down in trying to preempt every possible task for every possible client characteristic, working your way through a few onboardings will bring any commonality to light naturally and allow you to identify tasks which are good candidates to become templates. In order to create a template this way, when you come to add a task simply check the box at the bottom, add the relevant tags and Boarded will turn that into a template for you.

Add template from task

Add Task - The (Other) Easy Way

Some people may prefer to pre-plan templates before creating any boards. Perhaps you've already been running an offline onboarding process and you know exactly what is required for each variation of client. Well, the good news is that this is just as easy as creating templates via tasks. As you will see from the image below - the forms for both are almost identical!

Add template

Let's get started!

As you can see, creating templates in Boarded couldn't be easier. Our intent from the start with this product was to provide a simple, flexible way of managing client onboarding. It's one of the most important tasks you will complete when running your business - your first impression, your gateway to revenue and your chance to show off everything your business can do. You can get started for free with Boarded, no credit card required, so take a look and give your clients the kind of first impression your business deserves.