Welcome to Boarded

November 28, 2023

Boarded: Onboarding done right

Is your client onboarding slow? Do you struggle with a lack of transparency and delayed setups? Boarded is here to help. We ensure a strong first impression, complete visibility, and quick customer activation.

The problem with onboarding

We all want a product that users can quickly adapt to. One that makes them immediate advocates for your business. But, challenges arise. Different user needs, third-party integrations, and communication breakdowns can frustrate customers. We understand these issues.

What does Boarded do differently?

Boarded creates a central hub for each client containing all the information and steps they need to activate with your business. Clients see changes, pending tasks, and responsible parties at each login. They can upload files and ask questions. This lets you focus on your business, only stepping in when needed.

Example use case

Consider you have an integration with a CRM where the data differs by each client. You need client involvement to get their credentials, map the data and test it. The same tasks every time you onboard a new client with that CRM. With Boarded simply tag the client with that CRM and automatically populate their board from templates. Simplifying the onboarding process and getting things moving quickly.

Motivations behind Boarded

Boarded stems from 20 years of firsthand experience with onboarding challenges. We've seen the issues of siloed knowledge and repetitive tasks. That's why we built Boarded. It's simple and flexible to the needs of your product. Try it out and see how it works for your customers. We're certain there a plenty of use cases we haven't though of yet so of course we will gladly welcome feedback to improve further.

I’ve read enough – let’s get Boarded

Ready to start? Sign up for free, no credit card needed. Our free plan lets you onboard two clients at a time, indefinitely. With unlimited tasks and file uploads, experience everything Boarded offers.